Dropbox ups the storage of its paid plans, gets smarter about cleaning up old files - The Verge

Dropbox ups the storage of its paid plans, gets smarter about cleaning up old files - The Verge

Dropbox is increasing the amount of storage you get with its paid tiers, and it’s adding a trio of new features to its service. Plus users will now get 2TB of storage compared to the 1TB they had previously, while subscribers to the Professional and Business plans will see their storage increase to 3TB and 5TB, up from 2TB and 3TB, respectively. Plus users will see a small price hike with the change: their rates will increase by $2 a month to $11.99. Pricing for Dropbox’s other plans is unchanged.

The company announced three new features alongside the storage increases. The first, Smart Sync, has technically been available for a little while, but it’s being upgraded. The feature allows you to mark files and folders as “online-only,” so they won’t take up space on your hard drive but will still be listed in your file directory so you can download them when needed. What’s changing is that Dropbox will now automatically look for files that haven’t been opened recently and mark them as online only. The new feature will be available with the Plus tier and above.

The company also announced a new watermarking feature that will add your name and date to JPEG, PNG, BMP, or PDF files and a new rewind feature that will let you roll back your folders or even your entire account to a previous state. The latter feature, which is meant for when you accidentally delete or modify a large collection of your files, can go back as far as 180 days if you’re a Professional subscriber or 30 days if you subscribe to Plus. Watermarking, meanwhile, will only be available to subscribers on the Professional tier.

Dropbox’s new features are rolling out in the coming weeks, and the price increase for Dropbox Plus will take effect at the start of a subscriber’s next billing cycle.

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